"Yellow Vests, out of the crisis": the essence of our special show in 5 videos

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Between various proposals, accusations and passes of arms, the debate between the four yellow vests and two members of the government turned out animated this Wednesday evening. Here, in video, are the 5 highlights of our special show.

The issues of the purchasing power of the French, the SMIC, the elimination of the ISF, fuel taxes (recently removed by the executive for the year 2019) were widely discussed. But the question of the disputed president or the spiral of violence of the last demonstrations were also discussed.

  • "We do not have enough to fill our fridge" insists this yellow vest

"Give in on some things, damn it! Give purchasing power," said Hubert Charlier, building craftsman in Reims and yellow vest to the two members of the government. "So that people can fill their fridge, they do not have their month ends to count."

"We did not talk about electric cars" continued Hubert Charlier against Marlene Schiappa and François de Rugy, "because I do not know how they will do to buy an electric car … they do not have enough to buy at to eat, how do you want them to buy an electric car? "

  • Rugy "understands his salary of 9.500E shocks"

Called by a yellow vest live from Marseille on the weakness of the SMIC, the Minister of Ecological Transition concedes the amount of his salary on the set of BFMTV.

"My salary is 9,500 euros net per month.I understand that it can shock" François de Rugy book ", facing the yellow vests.

  • Schiappa denounces attacks on the Republic

"It is the Republic that is attacked (…) when we will tag the Arc de Triomphe, defile the tomb of the unknown soldier" thundered Marlene Schiappa, referring to the violence that took place Saturday, December 1 near the Champs -Elysées.

She then evokes the words of a spokeswoman of yellow vests Vaucluse who called for the resignation of the government and the appointment of General de Villiers in his place.

"When a spokeswoman for yellow vests, in a morning radio, said he proposes to fend the Prime Minister to put in place a military power.It is proposed to replace a democratically elected power by a military power, it is a very serious attack on the Republic, "thundered the minister.

  • "Macron was elected by default", judge a yellow vest

While the anger of the yellow vests is crystallized around the person of President Macron, Anaïs Khun, spokesman of the yellow vest living near Strasbourg, considered Wednesday night that Emmanuel Macron was elected by default to counter the rise of National Front.

"In the first round of the presidential election, there were ten, eleven candidates." There was the choice, "replied Minister François de Rugy, before listing the candidates for the presidential election, and to continue:

"Emmanuel Macron came first in the first round, 24% of the French said 'we the one we prefer is Emmanuel Macron (…) In our country it is the two candidates who come first who go in the second round, people have chosen, so we must not say that we are in dictatorship ".

  • "If we arrive in front of the Elysee Palace, we go inside"

Eric Drouet, one of the initiators and spokesperson of the yellow vests, is then interviewed by Bruce Toussaint on statements implying his willingness to invest the Elysee at the next event.

"Saturday is the Elysee, we would all like to go to the Elysee," he explained earlier on social networks. "We really need Saturday we are all united, to the end." François de Rygy then asks him: "Is the goal of the movement to talk about purchasing power, taxes and salaries? Or to overthrow our political system, the Republic, by introducing the chaos?".