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We had the privilege of testing the F-150 Raptor 2019 on the Ford test track! Check out all the details of this super pick-up, and even broke a radical comeback with driver Luiz Gozzani.


Engine: Front, longitudinal, 6 cyl. in V, 3.5, 24V, turbo with intercooler, direct injection, gasoline

Power: 456 hp at 5,000 rpm
Torque: 70.6 kgfm at 3,500 rpm
10-speed automatic, all-wheel drive
Direction: Electromechanical
Suspension: Indep. double triangular arms (front) and rigid axle (rear).
Brakes: Ventilated discs
Tires: 315/70 R17
Dimensions: Length: 5.89 m, Width: 2.45 m, Height: 1.99 m, Between-axles: 3.70 m
Bucket: 1.495 liters (manufacturer)
Weight: 2.113 kg
Media Center: 8 inches, touch-sensitive


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