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Germany plans to block Huawei's Chinese information technology giant after spying charges

The German government plans to block Huawei's Chinese information technology giant from its next-generation mobile phone network, again striking a blow for the company grappling with espionage charges on behalf of China. German media claim that Huawei could be prevented… Continue Reading →

Huawei's review by Canada will not be disrupted by threats, says Goodale

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale Escapes Recent Threats by the Chinese Envoy to Canada, Who Warned of "Consequences" if the Federal Government Prohibits Chinese Company Huawei Technologies from Providing Equipment 5G.Goodale spoke to reporters Friday at the Liberal government's retreat… Continue Reading →

Huawei's many problems: bans, suspected spies and backdoors

The bad news continues to accumulate for Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. Last week, an employee was arrested in Poland for spying. This week, the company's products, including both phones and network equipment, were banned from Taiwanese government systems, Morning of… Continue Reading →

Report: Federal Government Continues Huawei's Criminal Investigation for theft of Trade Secrets

Federal prosecutors opened criminal investigation into Huawei Technologies in China the Wall Street newspaper reported Wednesday. The investigation focuses on allegations that Huawei has stolen trade secrets from US trading partners, including technology used by T-Mobile to test smartphones, according… Continue Reading →

Oxford bans Huawei's donations and research grants | Technology

Oxford University has permanently banned research grants and donations from the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, which faces growing concern from several governments as to whether this poses a security risk national. The decision was made public the day after US… Continue Reading →

Home-based in Vancouver, Huawei's CFO lives in luxury

Meng Wanzhou leaves his $ 4.2 million mansion, a GPS monitor attached to his ankle and slips into a black SUV with driver. Second, it is free, for the most part, to wander through shops and restaurants within 100 square… Continue Reading →

China strikes Huawei's "hysteria & # 39; | News | DW

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday called "hysteria" the US legislation aimed at the Huawei technology giant and other Chinese telecommunications companies. From the United States to Poland, the Chinese company in difficulty and some of its employees have been… Continue Reading →

Huawei's founder, Ren Zhengfei, denies that a company poses a risk of spying

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend Ren Zhengfei founded Huawei in 1987, since then she has become one of the largest enterprises in China. The founder of Huawei denied that the Chinese authorities had ever asked his company to… Continue Reading →

Huawei's CEO fights against the spies of the claims management company for China, calls the great President Trump

SHENZHEN, China – The founder and CEO of Huawei Technologies Co. said his company had never spied on the Chinese government – and would never do it – since it made a rare public appearance after the Arrest of his… Continue Reading →

China sentences Canadian to death as Huawei's crater intensifies

By Gerry Shih and Emily Rauhala | Washington Post BEIJING – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday expressed "his extreme concern" about China's conduct after the death sentence by a Chinese court of a Canadian, in a hasty new… Continue Reading →

Huawei's founder says the company is not spying for China – Telco / ISP

Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei on Tuesday rejected allegations that the Chinese government would use his company to spy on him and said his daughter, who is currently being held by Canadian authorities, was missed, Financial newspaper reported. Times. Meng Wanzhou,… Continue Reading →

China warns state-run enterprises to avoid traveling to the United States, allied during the arrest of Huawei's chief executive in Canada

China has advised state-owned companies not to visit the United States and its allies following the arrest of Huawei's top leader in Canada on behalf of the US government. (AP) China has advised state-owned companies to refrain from traveling to… Continue Reading →

Who is Robert Lloyd Schellenberg? China sentences Canadian to death as arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer continues

A court in North China's Liaoning Province sentenced Canadian citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg to death on charges of alleged drug trafficking, while tensions persisted between Beijing and Ottawa following the arrest of the drug. Huawei Meng Wanzhou's chief financial officer… Continue Reading →

China Sentenced to Death for Canadian Drug Trafficking Among Huawei's Ranks

A Canadian was sentenced to death in China as part of a case intended to escalate tensions between the two countries after the arrest of a Huawei leader in Vancouver. Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was found guilty of complicity in drug… Continue Reading →

China orders the death sentence of a Canadian tourist while Huawei's executive power is arrested in Canada

A Chinese court sentenced a Canadian to death for drug trafficking, as tensions mounted between countries over the detention of a Huawei leader in Canada. Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison after being convicted in… Continue Reading →

Huawei's Chinese leader is accused of espionage in Poland

Polish authorities have arrested a sales manager of Huawei Technologies Co. and charged him with spying on behalf of China, raising the issue of Western allegations that the international company is a tool for business. espionage for Beijing. The detention… Continue Reading →

Poland charges Huawei's director of espionage for China

The Polish counterespionage agency has accused a Chinese director of technology giant Huawei in Poland and one of his former spy officers on behalf of China, Polish public television reported. Friday. The two men were arrested on Tuesday, the source… Continue Reading →

Huawei's Chinese leader accused of espionage in Poland

Polish authorities have arrested and accused the local sales manager of Huawei Technologies Co., a Chinese national, of leading high-level espionage on behalf of China, while Washington and its allies of the technology were paying more and more attention to… Continue Reading →

Poland charges Huawei's Chinese director for espionage

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – The domestic security agency of Poland has accused a Chinese chief of technology giant Huawei in Poland and one of his former spy officers against Poland in China's name, Polish television reported on Friday. The two… Continue Reading →

Chinese ambassador accuses Canada of "white supremacy" in Huawei's arrest

The Chinese envoy to Canada accused the West of manifesting "white supremacy" after Ottawa called for the release of two of their citizens who were arrested and jailed in Beijing last month. Ambassador Lu Shaye declared this allegation in an… Continue Reading →

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