The plans of Elon Musk for underground tunnels intended to solve traffic jams in cities are unrealistic as they are too expensive to dig, said Uber.Parlant of his project "flying car", the director of the The company's aerospace engineering, Mark Moore, said The contractor was "one of the most expensive things you can do." "It's a good thing if he can do it. The cost is really what he has to deal with. It's really very expensive to dig holes under the ground, "said Moore. Uber and The Boring Company both offer different ways to solve city transportation problems and launch projects in Los Angeles, one of the most congested hubs in America. Mr. Musk, founder and CEO of technology transportation companies, including SpaceX and Tesla, is considering build a tunnel under the city, Uber chose it as one of the first cities of its Elevate aeronautical project. Last month Mr. Musk held a grand opening of a demonstration tunnel of 1.14 miles, built by Boring, a subsidiary of its SpaceX aerospace company, in Hawthorne, Louisiana. The plan is to propel people into cars, and the existing tunnel costs about $ 10 million ($ 7.71 million) to build, he said. He has criticized the concept of a flying car in the past, arguing that they are not durable and that he predicts they will be noisy and dangerous. "Millions of these objects will fly around every corner and, inevitably, someone will not properly maintain his car, he will lift a hubcap and he will guillotine someone," he said. declared at an event last year. "And it's going to be noisy like a hurricane." But Mr Moore said Mr Musk "had not been exposed" to the last plane, and claimed that car theft would be "very inexpensive, in terms of investment in it. infrastructure, and that means it can happen very quickly, "he said.The company's aircraft will be 15 decibels quieter than the quietest helicopter." Even in the short term He said the prices will be competitive with those of UberX cars, the standard taxi model currently available on his smartphone app, and Uber plans to launch its first test flights. next year and will soon be announcing the third city in which it intends to embark.The vehicles will initially take off from the roofs of the multi-storey car parks, but in the future, the airport platforms will be built close to the roads. could handle more than 1,000 Hourly Rides Autonomous flying vehicles will be a reality by 2028 to 2032 at the earliest, Moore said. More recently Mr Musk seems to suggest that Tesla might consider including flying elements in his cars. In response to an image posted on Twitter by another user of a hovering car, he said, "The new Roadster will actually do something like this". He insisted that he was not joking and added, "We will be using the SpaceX cold gas thruster system with ultra high pressure air in a composite pressure vessel wrapped in place of two rear seats. "