Two men working in the telecommunications sector were arrested in Poland on suspicion of espionage.

A Chinese Huawei employee and a Pole, allegedly a former counterintelligence officer, were arrested. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that he was "extremely concerned" by the arrest of his national. The state-run news agency PAPP also did not plead guilty, but the two would have refused to explain to investigators.Maciej Wasik, deputy director of the Polish special services, said the newspaper said: PAP official news agency. : "The Chinese national is a businessman working in a large electronics company … the Pole is a person known in circles related to cyber business." The Polish national, called by PFP "Pior D", would have been a former employee of Orange. In a statement, Orange announced that the Polish Internal Security Agency had gathered documents in its office on Tuesday about an unidentified employee. Huawei said it was "aware of the situation" and the company said: "Huawei complies with all laws and regulations in the countries where it operates, and we ask each employee to comply with applicable laws and regulations. in the countries where it is based. " Last month, United States Attorneys accused Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, with fraud. It is alleged that she used the Hong Kong company Skycom to access the Iranian market under agreements violating US sanctions. Separately, US, British, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand authorities talked about Huawei's telecom equipment. a potential spying risk for their national networks. Chinese companies building 5G networks could threaten their security so as to "put us all in danger" if they are not dealt with quickly, warned a former British security minister last year. Admiral Lord West, a former Sea Lord who served under Gordon Brown as Minister of Security, urged the government The creation of a unit reporting directly to the Prime Minister, charged with monitoring the risk posed by Chinese equipment in 5G.5G, has been hailed as the next big step forward in mobile communications, ranging from smart city at the hologram call. However, the best 5G technology comes from Chinese companies, which raises fears that the Chinese government will have ground level access to – even control of – the crucial data infrastructure of the United Kingdom.