Polish authorities have arrested and accused the local sales manager of Huawei Technologies Co., a Chinese national, of leading high-level espionage on behalf of China, while Washington and its allies of the technology were paying more and more attention to the planet. The arrest is another bombshell for Huawei, following the detention in early December of the company's chief financial officer in Canada, at the request of the United States, for charges related to sanctions imposed by Iran. Contrary to these allegations, the nature of the charges brought in Poland directly suggests to the suspicions of Washington and other Western governments that Huawei could be used by Beijing as a global spying tool. CES 2019: China Tech Companies Low Profile Despite Trade Tensions For years, Washington has described Huawei as a threat to national security, saying China could force China to use its knowledge of telecom equipment it sells around the world. to operate or disable foreign communications. networks. Huawei has denied this forcefully over the years. Part of his defense was that he had not been involved in spying allegations abroad. Lily: Third Canadian detained in China after Huawei's arrest, officers of the Polish counter-intelligence agency searched Huawei's local office, leaving documents and electronic data, as well as the home of the Chinese national, reported Friday the Polish broadcaster. The individual was not named, but was identified as a graduate of one of China's best intelligence schools, as well as a former employee of the Chinese consulate in Gdansk. A developed version of this report appears on WSJ.com. Popular on WSJ.com: At the lowest of the last thirty years, the birth rate in the United States shows striking differences between states Police issue arrest warrant against Ronaldo DNA, soccer superstar, in rape case

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