"We are ready to cooperate with the internal security agency and to make available all the information it needs," said Orange spokesman, Wojciech Jabczynski.Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief from the Global Times, nationalist newspaper run by the Chinese state, last Friday, a look at Poland on Twitter wrote: "Something in Poland that is worth stealing for Huawei? The Polish National Security Department flatters itself. In another message, he met a friend who works in Huawei. "He said that Huawei had great difficulty communicating with Western public opinion," Hu wrote. "I said that Huawei was trying to stand out from politics, but it got too big for politics to come to his door. Huawei is innocent. "The arrested Huawei employee was identified by the authorities solely as being Weijing W. He was involved in the company's sales operations in the country, officials said. According to Polish television, Weijing W. graduated in Polish Studies from the Beijing University of Foreign Studies and has previously worked at the Chinese Consulate in Gdansk, Poland. He started working for Huawei in 2011. The Orange employee was identified as Piotr D., a Polish citizen and former agent of the Polish Homeland Security Services. Polish police raided the men's home and office on Tuesday, officials said. The authorities then had to wait two days to obtain a arrest warrant, typical of Poland. Officials did not give details of the alleged crimes but said the men would be held for three months during the investigation. The two pleaded not guilty and refused to answer questions, reported the Polish public TV channel TVP. The Western diplomat informed of the investigation, who spoke under the guise of anonymity, would describe not the level of cooperation between Poland and the United States. United States. The official also refused to discuss details of the case or evidence that could have been shared with the Polish government.