Huawei executive arrested in Poland on espionage chargesEthan Miller / Getty Images

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(CNN) – A Huawei leader has been arrested in Poland for spying for China. The Polish counterintelligence service confirmed Friday that a Chinese citizen suspected of espionage had been arrested. Polish official media identified the suspect as Huawei's sales manager in the country. The Chinese Embassy in Poland called Wang Weijing. Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company that is considered by the US authorities as a risk to national security. Other countries also have concerns: it has not been able to provide new generation 5G equipment to Australia and New Zealand. The company has been examined more and more. more attentive following the arrest of its chief financial officer, last month in Canada.Stanislaw Zaryn, spokesperson for Poles counterintelligence, said in a statement to the official press agency of country that the Chinese citizen, identified as Weijing W., had been arrested with a Polish citizen. The suspects' homes were raided on Tuesday, the statement said. A court ordered that the two men be detained for three months. They are liable to a term of up to ten years in prison if they are found guilty. They both pleaded not guilty, according to the Polish public television channel TVP. Zaryn did not respond to CNN's requests for comment. The Chinese company said that she "is aware of the situation and we are looking at it". "Huawei complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which it operates, and we require each employee to comply with all laws and regulations in the countries in which they are based," said a spokesman. word of the Chinese Embassy in Poland. The country was "extremely concerned about this incident". Poland was asked to organize a consular visit "as soon as possible" and to protect "the rights and interests, security and humanitarian treatment of the person involved," added the spokesman. Huawei is one of China's leading technology companies. It sells more smartphones than Apple (AAPL) and builds advanced telecommunication networks in countries all over the world. Chinese Foreign Minister Meng Wanzhou, daughter of Huawei's founder, was arrested in Canada in December. She has been released on bail, but faces a long legal battle over her extradition to the United States. The US government claims that Meng helped the company to avoid sanctions against Iran. Huawei repeatedly reiterated that he was not aware of Meng's wrongdoing. The arrest fueled tensions between the United States and China, who are trying to negotiate the end of their murderous trade war. It has already fueled a nationalistic reaction against American products Chinese companies. If Huawei's executive is extradited to the United States, experts warn that US companies in China risk retaliation.