NORTH FORK, NY – Former Mets actor, Lenny Dykstra, conquered new fans on Tuesday after being stopped to help motorists after an accident on the North Fork. According to a tweet and a video of Dykstra, he was the "first on the scene" of the accident. and called the 911.Jewel Escobar, 18, who was driving the car, said the accident had occurred Tuesday on Main Road and Herricks Lane in Jamesport. "As a man of the people, I am here to help by all means.I think I have done that," said Dykstra. He added that the driver had been "shaken", but he assured her that everything would be fine. "The bottom line is that nails never fail," said Dykstra. According to Dykstra, who was in North Fork with his "one of New York's best lawyers, Ron Hariri," and said the pair had helped the two people in the vehicle, "called 911, and all world is safe. "Escobar described the help provided by the former star of baseball.

Nails hanging in North Fork with one of New York's best lawyers, Ron Hariri, where we were the first to help two very shaken crash victims. Ron and I calmed them down, call 911 and everyone is safe, NAILS NEVER!
– Lenny Dykstra (@LennyDykstra) January 8, 2019

"It's actually pretty funny how it happened, days after," Escobar said. "When I had the accident, I was with my friend.As this was my first accident, I did not know what to do." had not had my friend, I probably would not have known what to do first.He went out to see the damage and I stayed in the car, actually for 30 minutes until my mother came , "did she say. As she was sitting in the car, Escobar said, "This man comes to my window and I drop it for him. I do not remember exactly what he said, but it was something like this:" Hello, I'm calling Lenny, I called the police to take pictures of the accident and a license plate for you. "I introduced myself and asked him his name. He said: "Lenny Dykstra, I was playing baseball for the Mets." "Concerned, Escobar said that she was smiling, then the police arrived. "After thinking about the accident, I told my family that the man who had helped me said that he was playing baseball, but I did not remember it anymore. her name, "she said. The next day, Escobar informed him that his mother had shown him his Tweet and his video. Looking at the video on Twitter, Escobar said, "Here we are, there was my car behind Lenny Dykstra, who was talking about helping me.As I'm only 18, I did not know who he was. was, but I was practically informed by members of my family about his career.I am very grateful for his presence and his calm, I contact him to tell him how grateful I am and he only answers me by nice words, okay, "she said. Dykstra, the famous candle called "Nails" that led the Mets and Phillies to the World Series, has been in the headlines in recent years with legal trouble; more recently he was loaded in May 2018 Police said that the man who hit the big circuits and boosted both championship baseball teams also had coke and MDMA, police said. Here are some videos of Dykstra's achievements as a Met and Phillie:
Photo patch courtesy of Twitter.