Tesla drops 75 kWh battery pack for Model X and Model S, CEO Elon Musk announced Wednesday. Customers have until Sunday, January 13 to place orders if they want cars with the lowest battery (and cheapest) of the company.
The 75 kWh pack is what Tesla uses in the base model of these two cars, which means that they will now only be available with the larger 100 kWh pack. It also means that the price of buying one or the other car is about to increase dramatically. Unless new variants are contemplated or Tesla does not change its prices – which it often does, to be fair – the Model S base price is about to go from $ 76,000 to $ 94,000 , while the cheapest X model is about to increase. from $ 82,000 to $ 97,000.
A spokesman for Tesla declined to comment.

As of Monday, Tesla will no longer take orders for the 75 kWh version of the S & X model. If you want this version, please order it before Sunday evening at https://t.co/46TXqRJ3C1- Elon Musk (@Elon Musk) January 9, 2019

The change is expected to differentiate the S and X models from Model 3, which currently starts at $ 44,000, but can reach $ 70,500 with options. The currently available versions of Model 3 use a 75 kWh battery, but use cells of different sizes.
Tesla has significantly changed the price and configuration of its cars over the years, and has also added and eliminated many battery capacity options. She introduced the 75 kWh battery pack in 2016, which completes the cheaper 90 kWh option sold at the time. Tesla has proposed a battery as small as 40 kWh for the Model S and as large as the 100 kWh version for the S and X models still on sale. At one point, the company was also offering 60 kWh and 70 kWh packages for the Model S, although it only involved software versions of the 75 kWh package. (Customers can even pay Tesla to "unlock" this extra range.)
It's been years since Tesla offered only one battery option for these models. The timing of Musk's announcement is also curious. Just last week, Tesla reduced the cost of all of its vehicles by $ 2,000 to make up for the fact that they are now only eligible for half of the $ 7,500 federal tax credit. on electric vehicles.
Musk told a Twitter user that Tesla is "Def not"Gradually eliminate Model S or X as soon as possible. Another user asked if the change meant that Tesla would start promoting these cars more like Model 3, proposed in the "Long Distance", "Performance" and (possibly) "Standard Range" variants, rather than the size of the drums. "Yes" Musk responded.