the Brabham the family was a racing icon for six decades before relaunch the name as a car company, launching the 700 horsepower BT62 track car for $ 1.3 million last year. But the shift to production does not prevent Brabham from running because the company ad Wednesday that he wants to head towards Le Mans.
Do not start on your glitter "We like Brabham" or "Four times The Formula 1 champions "still sign for the stands. The goal of the team is to go to Le Mans by the season 2021. So there is a bit of time to lose. The naturally aspirated 5.4 liter V8 BT62 is the basis of Brabham's racing car. Le Mans Endurance Championship The Grand Touring Endurance class here the season 2021-2022, which includes the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The LMGTE class includes both "professional" and "amateur" divisions, and the Brabham press release mentioned "providing owners with first-class Pro-Am competition opportunities". Brabham plans only 70 models of the BT62, but seems to want to involve his few handfuls of owners going to Le Mans. The announcement announced that it wanted to integrate the first owners of the BT62 race car into the test team for Le Mans and that the company was considering running in lower series, sometimes with customers, in order to prepare at Le Mans. Brabham said he was "involved in a factory racing team" and in a multi-year motorsport program, funded internally with sponsors and partners. But Brabham did not mention who these sponsors and partners might be, although she also said that her motorsport program is already in development. Brabham claims to have already done endurance tests for months because the car is based on the BT62.Brabham chassis has a long history in motor racing, from Jack Brabham, 1948 debut in the midget cars at the four team championships, 35 wins and 120 podiums in one of the highest levels of competition – F1. When the team left F1 in 1992, two of Jack Brabham's three sons continued to race in sports cars and endurance races. His son, David Brabham, who won Le Mans, was behind the renaissance of Brabham as a car company and, henceforth, as a racing team. But entering Le Mans is not easy. Those with long memories will remember British Racing Motors, a team from Le Mans decades earlier, tried to come back in the 90s and fizzed with group C. There was also Bizzarrini, who tried to make a name for himself in the Le Mans races and failed, in the grip of the evolution of automobile regulations in the 1960s. Le Mans remains an expensive and ever-changing company, and the new sports car brands caught fire trying to conquer it. The attempt to return to Le Mans represents a major step forward to revive iconic, iconic racing names. It also means a fierce race car with a wing the size of a breakfast bar should be on the racetrack and at Le Mans in the next two years, which is hard to argue.Read more