The Japanese automaker Nissan said on Friday that it had filed its own criminal complaint against its former president, Carlos Ghosn, for "misuse of a significant amount of the company's funds". Ghosn was arrested and accused by Japanese prosecutors of financial faults. On Friday, Tokyo prosecutors added a new indictment to the growing list of charges against the once-rented executive. Until his recent accusations, Ghosn was one of the top leaders of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. He was considered a key figure in establishing and maintaining the alliance. Latest developments:

  • Prosecutors filed two new charges against Ghosn: one for aggravated breach of trust for temporary transfer of losses related to personal investments at Nissan in 2008, the other for underestimation of compensation for a period of three years until 2018.
  • Nissan called for "strict penalties" when filing its complaint, which was "based on the same violation" of aggravated breach of trust.
  • Prosecutors also filed an indictment against former Nissan representative Greg Kelly, for under-reporting Ghosn's income for three years until 2018. " Kelly 's attorney said that the latest indictment "is not a surprise" and only seems to extend the delay of a previous indictment.

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ls / msh (Reuters, dpa)