Chip is looking for a secondary car to complete his Audi A6. He dreamed of owning something with beauty and speed, but choices can be difficult to spend with only about $ 35,000. What car should he buy?
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Here is the scenario:
I am looking for a second car as beautiful as it is pleasant to drive. Something that makes me smile as I walk towards her and then maintain that joy during the ride. I will mostly use the car when I do not take the children to school. That means hot summers in Florida, so air conditioning must work well. I currently have an Audi A6 with a melody that generates about 450 hp. This car must be more fun than that. Although I love Aston Martins, a beautiful car does not necessarily have to be European because I feel that the Viper is also superb. I do not plan to keep it very long, maybe even three years at the most, so even though it has to be relatively reliable, I do not need to worry about how long it lasts. I would really like to have a manual and I can spend up to $ 35,000.

Fast facts:

Budget: Up to $ 35,000Daily driver: NoLocation: Central FloridaWants: Beauty, manipulation, power in this orderWill not: Everything that looks like an Aztek Pontiac

Well, Chip, I can certainly understand your desire for a stylish car. But while $ 35,000 brings you a nice car, it can be difficult to get a nice, exotic car. But if you are a bit flexible on some of your requirements, this may be achievable.
Here is the Maserati GranTurismo! You may be surprised to find that these absolutely gorgeous GT cars are now in the $ 35,000 range and that does not mean you have to buy a high mileage nightmare. Of course, the Maserati does not have a manual gearbox, but with these looks and the sound of the V8 from Ferrari, your left foot will not hurt you too much. As manipulating these Maserati is not necessarily the type of car you are driving your local circuit with, but if you find a winding road in Florida, you will not be disappointed. Here is a nice blue in Texas with less than 30 000 km. The interview is not very cheap, it's the least we can say, but within three years, it will no longer need, hopefully.

The Lotus Elise 2005 was introduced in a good way. It started as a specified race in the United States alone, while the company has found a way to make it legal on the road, which means it almost matches the definition of a race car for the road.
And this specific Elise is as good as possible. Yellow – the most exotic color. Manual. Already in Florida. Your priorities are beauty and handling before speed. With the Elise, the three ingredients were chosen to create the perfect little sports car. It has the appearance, configuration and philosophy of an exotic car, and the best thing is that it will not take too many driveways. $ 32,900 for one of the best sports cars of the century to date. Seal the case.

You want an Aston Martin, but you have a normal person budget, you want a manual and do not worry about whether it's American or not. Immediately my mind went to know Ford Mustangwhich looks a bit like an Aston Martin (and even more so at a pre-2018 update) and is a truly phenomenal car. It is fast, handles well enough for its size, is superb and packs a marvelously modern and powerful V8 naturally aspirated. And you can easily get a used Mustang GT for less than $ 35,000.
But let's take this exotic idea even further: what about the old Mustang Shelby GT500? God, these have become cheap. Increase your budget a little and you may get a 2013 model, the one with the supercharged V8 of 5.8 liters and an incredible engine of 662 HP. Here is one near you for $ 40,258If it's a bridge too far away, I've never had bad weather with an "ordinary" Mustang GT. All new are a breath, and they are also classless carsEveryone looks cool in them, whether you're a technology millionaire or a simple worker like the rest of us.

I know that many of you think that I often do not take it seriously enough, but I assure you it's not true. I will support any suggestions I make and I sincerely believe in the cars I suggest. This time you may be right. Still, I can not help but think that the first car I thought of for an exotic car for a non-exotic money was this: a 917 Laser.

The Laser 917 was a Volkswagen-based car kit, designed to look like the legendary Porsche 917 race car. And it looked like it! Race films sometimes use them as lineaments for a much rarer and more expensive reality (well, one of the most Herbie the movies did at least) and although they were originally designed for VW engines, people built them with Porsche engines, Corvair engines, or even LS V8s, to get a car that's In fact, I'll follow the basic idea: you can get a really, really exotic car, driving with a lot less money. The trick is to find one. So far, the only non-total basket case I've found is this one in Floridaand it seems to be very well put together and in good shape. The problem is that, uh, the style, with its changing color paint from purple to green and these wheels may not be to everyone, uh, taste. In addition, it seems to have only a VW engine air-cooled series.However, it is a start and at $ 14,500 (I bet you can also criticize them), there is still a lot of money left to do this thing right. There is even a Detroit-based company that specializes in making a truly amazing 917 lasers. I say, get the cheapest possible, the well sorted but contentious Florida, and spend the rest of your budget on these RCR people to make the car exactly the way you want it. It's a little more work, yes, but in the end you will have something that is truly exotic, no question or compromise. It will be fun, right? Is not that what it's about? Read more