Detroit – The risk of explosion of air bags manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Takata continues to harm the car manufacturers. A day after Toyota announced a recall of 1.7 million cars to deal with the potentially deadly part, Fiat Chrysler Thursday recalled 1.6 million vehicles.

The Italian-American automotive giant said that front passenger air bag inflators can be dangerous. Takata inflators can explode with too much force, throwing shrapnel on drivers and passengers. At least 23 people died as a result of this problem worldwide. The recall concerns the following Fiat Chrysler models and years:

  • 2010-2016 Jeep Wrangler SUV
  • 2010 Ram 3500 pickup trucks and 4500/5500 Cab trucks
  • 2010-2011 Dodge Dakota pickup
  • 2010-2014 Dodge Challenger
  • 2011-2015 Dodge Charger Sedan
  • Chrysler 300 2010-2015 Sedan

Fiat Chrysler owners can check to see if their vehicle has been recalled to the company's designated site and call (866) 220-6765 to make an appointment to repair the air bags. It is part of the largest series of automotive recalls in the history of the United States. About 10 million inflators are recalled this year. Already Ford, Honda and Toyota have issued recalls in the last round. Federal transportation regulators claim that prolonged exposure to high heat and humidity can cause the explosion of Takata air bags during their deployment.

Recall of Toyota and Scion Lexus airbags with 1.7 million cars

More than three years after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration took over the management of recalls involving Takata inflators, one-third of the recalled inflators still have not been replaced, according to an annual report from the government and a controller appointed by the court year. Report says 16.7 million defective 50 million booster inflators still need to be repaired.Furthermore, Fiat Chrysler on Thursday agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, including a $ 300 million fine to the US government , in order to settle the charges that the manufacturer cheated on the tests of emissions.

As part of an agreement with the US Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency, the automaker will recall and repair more than 104,000 non-compliant Jeep SUVs and Ram vans.