Of the day Nice Price or Crack Pipe Integra Type-R represents a model offering little compromise and even fewer options when it was new. Now that he is old, let's see if his price means that the compromise may be on the table. 2001 Mercedes Benz SLK320 Yesterday we introduced a kind of girlfriend from Jerry Seinfeld's television series. The trope in this series was that Jerry would start going out with a woman only to find out that she was suffering from some kind of blatant defect – human hands, unattractive traits in some respects, or that she did not feel comfortable. she was a virgin. This would naturally remove the bloom of the rose and it would either end up being jettisoned by Jerry or by him after he committed an unacceptable act. The Benz was just as attractive at first sight, both in kit and in presentation. Only when you opened a door and previewed the blue and black interior could a long-term relationship be questioned. The yin and yang of desire versus repulsion were fueled by the low (57 km) car and its price of $ 8,200. The proposal was so difficult that in the end, the small Benz won 51% of victory at Nice Price. Phew!

Whenever you think about car racing, does Honda come to you in the spirit? This is probably the case for the hard core gearbox. I mean, the island of Mann and all that. For the casual observer of the sport, Honda's racing feats are probably a mystery. It's a shame, because if more people knew the history of Honda racing, they could immediately recognize the white paint and red coat of arms of today's vehicles. Acura Integra Type R 1998 tribute to the race livery of his parent company.

The Integra Type R was introduced in the United States in 1997 as the best-performing choice of the model. It would continue in the 1998 model year, but would take a sabbatical for 1999 before returning in 2000 and 2001. In total, out of these four model years, only about 3,820 R types were sold here. the & # 39; The type Rs 97 and '98 is white, even going up to its light alloy rims. No other colors were offered in those years. In fact, the only optional addition available on the model was air conditioning, which this car owns. The goal of the Type R was the performance, achieved through weight reduction and power. plumping. The car weighs about 90 kilos less than the small Integras, while the 1.8-liter DOHC B series has 25 more horsepower. This exceeded 195 horsepower, which at the time represented the highest efficiency per liter of all naturally aspirated automotive engines.

It is described as "original and unadorned". The bodyshell has a reasonably upright appearance, but it is stained by scratches, scales and bumps here and there. In addition, the headlights of the spider's eyes turn yellow like a urinal in the bus station. Obviously, it's not like when a trophy has been presented. The seller says in his advertisement that he had already done PDR work on the car and, to be honest, I had to check it. It turns out that this does not mean "public display of reflection", but rather "removal of dents without paint". Who knew?

There are 168,000 miles on the clock and the seller has sworn the engine works perfectly. The interior is as worn as the outside, with visible brush strokes on the Recaros and hollows in the leather on the steering wheel. The aftermarket control and brake buttons look a little out of place, but could be replaced without much trouble.

The picture under the hood shows the V-TEC plant as also showing its age, but at least there is no secondary market shit. We would also like to congratulate the current owner for not cursing the car with an oversized fartcan exhaust. Despite the NSX, today's Acura brand offers solid products. This Integra goes back to when the brand knew how to party and is actually one of Acura's most coveted models. This is of course why the seller is asking for $ 22,500.

Of course, the question for you is whether the car is worth it. What do you think, this guy R could bring home that kind of money? Or, even if it is perhaps an Integra, does this price leave you cold?
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