TESLA Model X in My Garage! Upgrading the Lighting!

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14 Replies to “TESLA Model X in My Garage! Upgrading the Lighting!”

  1. could you please add directions on how to replace the rear hatch light…it seems to be cut out of the video and mine seems difficult to remove due to hard plastic trim. I am afraid to try without watching instructions first. Thank you

  2. The trunk hatch light is a tough one to get out on MX. It helped to have a friend assist so with two hands on it (a screw driver and trim pry tool), the light finally released. The rest of lights came out easily and the AO replacements make a huge difference. Thanks Erik for the Video and the 20% Discount.

  3. you do know that you lose your warranty after you've put them lights in because the engine management program is not set to run those larger lights that's a fact so they may be cheap but will cost you thousands

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