Porsche Boxster 2012-2016 review/ NEWS CAR

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Porsche Boxster 2012-2016 review/ NEWS CAR
1996. John Major was in Downing Street, Hong Kong was in British hands and Justin Bieber was in nappies. And a mid-engined two seat convertible, called the Porsche Boxster, rode to the rescue of an embattled German sports car manufacturer. The Porsche Boxster saved the company and all these years and three distinct generations later, it’s lost none of it appetite for wearing its undies outside its tights. A supercar it may not be, but a superstar among sports cars it most undoubtedly is. Like its predecessors, the latest 981-series Boxster has more than a little in common with those other Porsches – the Cayman and 911 – that chose to place their engines behind their drivers. This pragmatic s…
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