Need For Speed Payback – Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 is more OP than Regera

If you think the a Level 399 Koenigsegg Regera is OP in NFS Payback? Well, here is the return Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8, the most OP car from NFS 2015, now also being OP in Need For Speed Payback. Showcasing it’s OP performance at level 399 in 4 events, played with keyboard and manual transmission. My performance/speed cards are shown at the end of the video.

Btw, the level shows 398 is a bug. It’s supposed to be 399.

0:07 – Mountain Run, Sprint Race
2:06 – Ember Valley Showdown, Sprint Race
5:11 – Midnight Run, Sprint Race
6:35 – Silver Lodge Casino, Circuit Race
8:58 – Stats, performance/speed cards used

Quite a lot in the comments justifying how the Koenigsegg Regera should be OP since it’s OP in RL, etc. So here is an old Porsche from the 70s, with only 716 horsepower, somehow has equal acceleration with the 1504 horsepower Regera and faster than a Mclaren P1 in this game by 7 seconds.

Welcome back OP car from NFS 2015. You still maintain that insane acceleration and handling which no other car in the game has.

By the way, after this I won’t be touching both the OP 911 and Regera. Instead I’ll be leveling up other cars to 399 and hunt for the next best thing to rival these 2.

Initial D – Eldorado
Blur OST – Welcome Back
Burnout 3 OST – Ozone

38 thoughts on “Need For Speed Payback – Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 is more OP than Regera

  1. Bumblebee Tuna

    Do you glimpse at the map while driving or just track memory?

    Also, do you tap break for initiating the drift or are your settings letting your turn roll into a slight drift?

    It would be appreciated in future vids if you could show the drive setting please.

    Great vids by the way!


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