CSR2 Racing | Win Dana’s Porsche 911 GT3 rs – Time to Beat [1.10 update]

Hi guys, here you can see the vid how i beat Dana and claimed her car.

Twitter: @MilleCSR2

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5 thoughts on “CSR2 Racing | Win Dana’s Porsche 911 GT3 rs – Time to Beat [1.10 update]

  1. frick

    Lucky you, they took my only car fast enough and stripped it. Ah, I'll just have to wait. I don't have my T2 and T5 cars to beat the boss, just postponing doing ECB.

  2. Geoff Roberts

    My F12 Berlinetta can do a 9.8sec 1/2 mile so is easily fast enough to win, but I can't get past the 0-161km challenge 24! The La Ferrari does 1.907sec, and I can't do faster than 2.2 sec.

  3. Alexis Hadjinicolaou

    Hey guys, i have a question… Ho do you play this game on the PC?? i suppose the videos made and uploaded are on PC correct? i do not know how to play it on the PC instead of my mobile phone… thanks

  4. Alexis Hadjinicolaou

    Hi Mille, i have another question… I suppose you have won the Victor's Project 7 since you are the master of the game!! 🙂
    Although the stage 6 upgrades come with it, why does it have less shift time if you swipe from stage 6 part to stage 5 part? (but you cannot fit stage 5…)
    Thank you


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