Replacement Chips, Programmers Offer More Power

High gas prices has a lot of consumers down, but helpful aftermarket improvements can help improve your car’s performance . Depending on the improvements made to your vehicle, your car should run more expeditiously and save you gas and not devour additional resources. This is true with a performance chip or power programmer installed in your vehicle, aftermarket parts that improve your car’s performance.

Your car comes equipped with a special computer chip that controls your engine’s output, particularly in the area of fuel delivery. With a performance chip, your car realizes a much more efficient delivery of fuel to your engine at specified times in the course of driving. The result is that you will see detectable increases in horsepower as well as in torque. Replacement chips from a variety of makers will also help your vehicle run more expeditiously, resulting in slender increases in fuel efficiency.

With a power programmer the equivalent results are achieved as with a performance chip, but in a less aggressive way. With a performance chip you must get rid of and replace the original chip with the replacement chip which atypically involves removing your car’s dash to get at the chip. With a power programmer, including those made by industry leader Hypertech, you simply plug the programmer into your under dash diagnosis plug, reply to a series of Yes/No questions, and the programmer immediately calibrates your engine. No tools are needed to use a power programmer and you can return your car to its OEM power specifications at any time.

Prices for super chips and power programmers differ depending on the make and model of your vehicle and of the product purchased. Expect to a pay a premium for a chip or programmer ordered through an aftermarket parts store while saving plenty of money when shopping from a trusty online retailer. Performance chips and programmers are not made for every vehicle as manufacturers usually target those cars and trucks which are performance oriented.

Some of the vehicles that can benefit from at least one of these products include:

* Cadillac STA
* Chevrolet Camaro
* Dodge Challenger
* Ford Mustang
* Jeep Liberty
* Lincoln MKS
* Almost all midsize and full size trucks from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, et al.

You can increase the performance of your car, minivan, crossover, sport/utility vehicle or pickup truck without costly and hard to install aftermarket parts. A super chip or power programmer can do wonders for your vehicle, making it a true contemporary muscle car.

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