Chevrolet Camaro SS 2016 vs Ford Mustang GT 5.0 – Acceleration 0-150mph and Exhaust Sound

Car comparison test of Chevrolet Camaro SS 2016 vs Ford Mustang GT 5.0. We compare Chevrolet Camaro SS 2016 vs Ford Mustang GT 5.0 sounds, revs, acceleration 0-150mph, power, sprint and exhaust sound.

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46 thoughts on “Chevrolet Camaro SS 2016 vs Ford Mustang GT 5.0 – Acceleration 0-150mph and Exhaust Sound

  1. Billy Bob Joe

    Personally owned a 2015 GT and traded it in for a 17 1SS (both auto). The 8spd in the SS was undeniably faster than the 6spd GT. Turns out many youtubers are having similar results where the 6 gen stock SS outruns a stock GT.

    Best time I got under real world conditions @ ~70 degrees, ~870ft elevation and ~51% humidity for the GT was 4.8
    Best time I got under real world conditions @ ~68 degrees, ~870ft elevation and ~54% humidity for the SS was 4.3

    Anyways, to anyone on the fence about whether to get a Mustang or a Camaro…I've had both from this gen. Here are my thoughts…

    Advantages I had with the Mustang:
    – HUGE aftermarket support that, hands-down, trumps the Camaro's aftermarket
    – The exhaust note IMO was amazing; had LTH going into a catted H pipe going into a x pipe resonator delete going into some outlaws
    – Plenty of styling inspirations and outsold the Camaro consistently for months/years so it was easy to run into people who wanted to talk about their stang at say — Walmart

    Disadvantages I had with the Mustang:
    – Perception from my peers was generally negative. I work a typical white collar job and to be frank, I had a lot of people going 'oh…' when they found out what car I drove. It was seen as "childish" and it was incredibly hard to be taken seriously by girls because they thought I was overcompensating for something when I just genuinely love god damn cars…anyways…
    – Felt 'heavy', despite having a base GT with 3.15 gearing the car felt heavy. Granted, it is heavier than the last gen.
    – Community, forums had amazing folks but in the real world…I had too many people poorly representing Mustang owners. (I don't need to give any examples, I'm sure you guys are well aware coughs new edge owners)

    Advantages I have with the Camaro:
    – Presence, without a doubt fellow car enthusiasts respect the new 6 gen Camaros; all thanks to crazy amount of press I guess
    – Peers, coworkers, family think the Camaro just looks like it's for 'older, sophisticated men who love cars'…honestly don't know why.
    – Noticeably faster acceleration
    – Better gas mileage ~18 city, 29 hwy in boring mode ~14 city, 25 hwy in track mode (yay?)
    – Interior quality in terms of paint is much better and the dash just feels slightly more modern

    Disadvantages I have with the Camaro:
    – Aftermarket support isn't really there yet for the sixth gens (you gotta google deeper)
    – Way less online, canned tuners
    – Stock exhaust is weak, despite having NPP. Maybe I'm just picky/biased.
    – Community is equally as bad; forum folks are nice though
    – Poor visibility, smaller back seats, and trunk space is exactly 50% less than the GT

    Final verdict:
    If you prefer a badass, grand touring, modern muscle car, buy the GT.
    If you prefer a straight-up sports car, buy the SS.

  2. corpse husband

    why hate on each other of which is better but honestly both cars are great and both share some performance specs.
    each car may have it's pro and cons but good cars but one day I'll buy both of these

  3. Ahmet Garic

    they are very similar but it depends… i like mustangs more than camaros but none of the new gen shit. a 69 camaro and a 66 mustang i couldnt choose…. thats too hard.

  4. Antonio Domingo

    With the Ford Racing exhaust , Ford Mustang Roars Better !
    and thats working with 5.0 L Dual Tip Exhaust !
    I think Chevy needs to work a little bit more on their product
    your working with a 6.2 L Quad-tip and sounds like a 6 cylinder car !
    ( just base on a sound and engine size ,obviously both cars has their own performance )
    NOW !! i was expecting a better video !!!
    I think you need to compare 2 cars at a same place , same time , same comparison !
    Dale !! #ElMaximoLider


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