2017 Camaro SS | 600 Mile Review (First impressions)

I’ve driven the Camaro for a total of 600 miles to this point. Loving the car so far and have decided to make a video that talks about a few things that stood out for me in the beginning. More reviews to come!

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– 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS

Some of my Camera/Gear
– (Main Camera)
– (Lens)
– (Gopro Hero 5)
– ( Gopro Hero 4 Black)

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21 thoughts on “2017 Camaro SS | 600 Mile Review (First impressions)

  1. Kyle Wagner

    Really nice review. Thank you for debunking the "can't see anything out of this car" myth that has been circulating since the 2010 Camaro was released. I have a '17 1SS 6-speed (my 4th Camaro) and can't say enough about it, am truly blown away by it. And you got OVER 30 mpg with the 6-speed? That is mind-blowing! I'll be taking my Camaro from Houston to Phoenix and back this Christmas, I sure hope I get 30 mpg!´╗┐

  2. Papa ÔÇťThrasherÔÇŁ Bacardi

    really great looking car. i want to buy my first "new" American car here in Germany too. there are official European versions of the new camaro here.
    after seeing some reviews of chargers and mustangs and their issues, i felt in love with the camaro.
    the grey with black rims are looking just awesome! first i thought about black, it looks really mean but i don't wanna wash it every 3 days.
    do you gonna black out your tail lights too?
    anything rattling inside or other interior problems?
    thx for the informative videos!´╗┐

  3. TasteMyStinkhole

    … "gosh darn" …

    LOL. The way you drive, you should have gotten a Prius.
    This car in your hands will never see over 61 mph.
    Hell, half the roads you travelled in this video, i'd have had stretches of 80-100 mph.´╗┐

  4. Michael S

    I completely agree with all your points. The seats are amazingly comfortable and hold you well. the throttle is responsive and the torque is insane. visibility is a non-issue. I was concerned as well when I first got in the car and then quickly realized it's a bunch of BS. It's totally fine.´╗┐


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