Top 6 Most Anticipated Audi Models

Audis plan to expand its range of models from 30 to 42 vehicles by the end of 2015 is clearly under way and official announcements made throughout the year can confirm that. A random range of highly efficient and innovative vehicles are at full throttle at Ingolstadt and some of them have being spotted at Nurburgring racing tracks or in the surrounding areas of Audis headquarters.

From the Detroit Auto Show in January to the Frankfurt Motor Show last month, Audi has presented revolutionary car concept and some exciting new models that raised a lot of eye brows in the Automotive Industry. With some many exciting new Audi models announced, we couldn’t decide which one is our favourite, so we created a list of what we think are the top 5 most anticipated Audi Models for you to vote for your favourite.

And the nominees are…

Audi A1 (model range)

The Audi A1 is based on the 2007 Metroproject, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in the same year. But recently Audi announced a full range of A1 variants that will include cabriolets, avants and a more sportive version the Audi S1 as well as a hybrid 4×4, do I hear anyone say Audi Q1?

Expected release date: March 2010 (Geneva Motor Show)

Audi RS3

The Audi RS3 will be the icing on the cake on one of Audis most popular line of models, the A3 model range. No tech specs and performance features have being confirmed by Audi but it is believed that the RS3 will be powered by the same 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbo unit as in the TT-RS, capable of delivering 335bhp and 450Nm of torque to all four tyres via the quattro 4WD transmission.

Expected release date: March 2010 (Geneva Motor Show)

Audi Q3

Another Q-badged SUVs is on the drawing boards at Ingolstadt. The Audi Q3 will seat the above the proposed Audi Q1 and the recently launched Audi Q5 on Audis SUVs range. Again no tech specs and performance features have being officially announced but we can show you some mouth watering pictures of how the Audi Q3 will look like.

Expected release date: 2011

Audi RS5

Expected to be the second highest revving V8 engine on the market, only losing to the new Ferrari 458 Italia, the RS5 is likely to be labelled with the HDZ concept which translates to high rev concept, which allows a free flowing high revving affair with high torque levels available from 2500rpm. To cope with such power the RS5 will be fitted with the top notch 7-speed S-tronic transmission.

Expected release date: March 2010 (Geneva Motor Show)

Audi R4 with E-tron Concept

The Audi R4 has been the centre of discussion of savvy sports car fans for the past couple of years, it is soon to become a reality and what is more exciting is the recently presented e-tron concept is set to the top the range of the R4. With its 300bhp output and an incredible 4,5000Nm of torque, the Audi R4 is expected to sprint from 0-62 in mere 4.8s, only 0.2 behind the Audi R8 V8; Top speed is likely to be increased to 140mph nearly 20mph more than the original E-tron concept.

Expected release date: 2012

Audi A7

Back in January during the Detroit Auto Show, Audi presented the Sportback Concept Car which strongly indicated that an Audi A7 was on the drawing boards at Ingolstadt. In June official announcements were made regarding suspensions systems, transmissions and a full range of engines that strongly indicate that S7s and RS7 are also in the pipelines at Ingolstadt.

In your opinion which of the Audi models listed above is the most anticipated?

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