Two days of my first ever WORKSHOP that took place as a part of annual PHOTODAYS ROVINJ (Rovinj, Croatia). Workshop theme was AUDI R8 Spyder – automotive video with DSLR technology. Me and my crew (Ivan Cvirn, Elvir Tabakovic) had a chance to share our DSLR knowledge with other attendees (I must say I didn’t expect that much interest in our first workshop), work as a team, shoot, edit and then on the evening of second day (closing of the event) we had a chance to present our work and result that came out of this workshop. It is a simple 4min video consisting from a Making Of video followed by actual short AUDI R8 Spyder video. We had something like 32 hrs with sleep/eat/rest/shoot/edit/setup/teach time included.
It was a whole lot of fun !
For the workshop we used :
3x Canon 5d mk2 + BGED grips 12xinfoLIbatt, 2x custom multirigs, Sachtler sb18, Sachtler fsb4, Sachtler fsb2, Libec dolly system tr320, 6x 800watt ianiro tungsten lights, 3x 150 dedolight lights, 3xsingle suction clamps, Steadicam PILOT, Intuit Focus self pulled wired FF, DVtec CAR Rig. Some GLASS : 14mm f2.8L, 15mm f2.8 fisheye, 24mm f1.4L, 24mm f3.5 TS-e L, 50mm f1.2L, 85mm f1.2L, 90mm f2.8 TS-e, 100mm f2.8 macro, 135mm f2.0L, 200mm f2.8L, 300mm f2.8 L IS, 600 mm f4.0L IS
Cheers !

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