Audi, Round 1!

This here is a H.264 render of the audi i’ve been working on. While it clearly has some details i need to work on, i had limited time to get this finished, and find it looking pretty darned good in it’s current state. Expect to see this updated in the coming weeks.

I used a model obtained from 3d world magazine (Audi R8), but create all the materials myself(and there are a lot of them). I shot clean plates with a Chrome ball substitute (Christmas ornaments work wonders) but was not able to create or obtain a grey sphere in the limited time I had. I matched the camera and lit it (RGB lighting) in Maya, did all of the compositing in nuke. I used photoshop to paint in the shadows (which are revealed using a shadow mask pass in maya) onto the ground.

I encountered a fantastic error along the way, after i imported and adjusted the interior:

// Warning: Node ‘theobjectnameIused.instObjGroups[0].objectGroups[1]’: cannot make assignment to ‘initialShadingGroup’ shader. //

It would go through and bork up every single renderlayer i selected, making it so i couldn’t render anything properly.

It took me about a week, but i finally narrowed it down and fixed it.

Anywho… carry on!

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