Audi R8 (2010) – Episode #15 – MMTV

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I don’t think ANY video can really capture the most beautiful car on the market.

Top 4 reasons to buy:
1. Sexy beast inside and out.
2. 5.2 V10 525 HP
3. Built to perfection: Aluminum space frame drive, laser welding technology, Quattro and more!
4. The SUPER CAR you can drive everyday.

Bonus: comes in a convertible soon.

Top 4 reasons not to buy:
1. Not in your price range.
2. You still want your Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche Turbo.
3. You have kids.
4. You need utility.

I got a chance to race the R8 @ Infineon last week, you can checkout track walk through here:

Healthy write up by Automobile:

Great video on the love that goes into the making:

Car Magazine first drive:


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