1000HP Twin Turbo Audi R8 V10 “Promotional Film”

Strato Productions Presents “End of The World”

Concept: As the weather conditions get bad, Charlie tries to make it out of the city and catch a plain. As he drives through city, rushing through the streets, leaving the storm behind trying to make it. Unfortunately he gets little behind and the pilot decides to take off without him. Where he decides to carry on his journey in his car.

Film sequence shot in
Houston Texas.
Arcola, Texas

Shot with Canon Mark III & Sony Fs 700
Lenses: Canon 16-35 II, Canon 24-70 II, Canon 70-200 II
DJI Drone Phantom 2 Vision +
DJI Ronin, SteadyCam HD2000,
Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Sound Track:
Two Steps From Hell – Thomas Bergersen Rada
Audio Jungle – Hunters
Music used in this video belongs to music production company and its composer . No copyright infringement intended, all music belongs to its owners/creators.

TimeLapes: Strato Productions
Time-lapse used in this video belongs to production company and its composer . No copyright infringement intended, all time-lapse belongs to its owners/creators.

Cast: Charles Carder, Eliana Gomez
Producer: Charles Carder
Director of Production: Usama Zubair
Director: Usama Zubair, Wahab Attia
Cinematographer: Wahab Attia, David Anzola, Franco Hernandez & Usama Zubair
Visual Effect: Wahab Attia
Editor: Wahab Attia
Sound Effects: Wahab Attia, Usama Zubair
Special Thanks To: Asim Ramping Khan, Mr. Franklyn sim Ramping Khan, Mr. Franklyn
Auto Light Effects & Custom Lighting: Chad Hawkins from DownSouthKustomsTX.com


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