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  • Christianity
    will be detested because it will be seen as a block to personal freedom.

    Monday, August 11th, 2014 @ 19:36

    My dearly beloved daughter the
    world is awash with a new form of spirituality comprising of a belief in a
    superior being – the one they call the christ – but it is not I, Jesus Christ,
    they refer to. Satan, in the form of Lucifer, referred to as King of the Light,
    is idolized not as an evil entity but as one, which performs a deed for God.
    This ideology is favoured by secret sects, which set out to destroy
    Christianity. Many will be drawn into the occult and magic practices because
    they crave titillation. Once drawn they will become pawns and, in time,
    possessed by the evil one.

    Many people are starved of
    spiritual satisfaction and crave peace. Any ideology, which claims to bring
    them self-fulfillment, peace, calm and a deeper understanding of their humanity
    will be attractive to them. Many, however, will be loathe to follow Me, Jesus
    Christ, for society has condemned Me to the bowels of the earth. Yet, they
    will be appeased when they are fed the false doctrine that all roads lead to
    God. This is a lie for you can only come to God, through Me, His only begotten
    Son, Jesus Christ.

    I Am One in He Who created all
    things. There is only one God and I, Jesus Christ, Am the Word made flesh so
    that humanity could become whole again. Without Me you can never be fulfilled,
    not in this life or in the next.

    The world will be told that the
    most important goal to strive for is liberty – liberty at all costs. But to
    truly honour God means losing your ability to serve only your own self-interest
    and, as such, Christianity will be detested because it will be seen as a block
    to personal freedom. To serve God, any God, will become the goal of many people
    seeking the Truth. But when Satan is deemed by man to be divine, God – in His
    infinite Justice – will destroy those who honour the beast. The beast that
    hides among the elite and the powerful gives great power to those who spread
    the lie that I, Jesus Christ, do not exist. That is the greatest curse
    inflicted upon humanity by Satan and because of man’s weakness he falls for the
    lies, which pour forth from the mouths of the wicked.

    There is only one God. There is
    only one path to God. No other path, irrespective as to how glittering it may
    be presented to you, can lead you to the Father only that which comes through
    Me, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World.

    Your Jesus

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