Stars Caught Speeding

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The list of Celebrity speed demons is quite impressive and even includes a real driving expert, well someone who is well versed in writing and reporting on real driving experts. Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson who was accused of being the driver of an Alfa Romeo sports car photographed travelling at 82 mph in a zone limited to 50 mph. Mister Clarkson’s celebrity lawyer Nick “Mr Loophole” Freeman was able to establish in court that in fact the case had no merit because the Clarkson had been loaned the vehicle to test but the paperwork did not stipulate who the driver was. Acid tongued game show presenter Anne Robinson did not get off so lightly when she was found guilty of driving her Audi A3 at 43 MPH in a 30 area. The 63 year old Queen of Mean from the TV show The Weakest Link seems to be a serial speed freak. As this was her fourth speeding offence, the judge at Portsmouth Magistrates Court Peter Mellor said “you are the weakest link Goodbye” when he banned her from driving. He had dismissed her solicitor’s claims that a ban would cause her considerable inconvenience as she drove around 50,000 miles per year. Presumably he took into account the fact that she is allegedly worth around £60 million so perhaps could afford to employ a driver. Mr Bob Geldof has done a huge amount for the world’s poor and starving, he was slightly less kind to Andrew Quinn, when he struck Mr Quinn’s motorbike while speeding in London. Mr Quinn suffered a broken leg due to the accident. Teddy Sheringham England footballer is one of several well-known players who have been accused of giving false identifications when the cars they had been driving were clocked by countries speed cameras. Mr Sheringham was given a caution and sent on his way following the incident. French chef and speeder Jean-Christophe Novelli was caught on the A449 when he was flying along at 85 mph near the town of Monmouth. He received a six-month ban at Newport Crown Court which he later managed to get reduced to 3 months. Dean Gaffney who played Robbie Jackson on EastEnders managed to escape such a ban even though he was caught flying along at an even more anti-social 100mph while using his mobile phone. Even though he managed to get many young women’s hearts racing East 17 singer Brian Harvey did not do so well when caught speeding on the M4 he received a ban from driving for a period of six months following the incident in May last year. It is pretty amazing that all these celebrities with the huge piles of cash do not opt to hire a driver instead of racing around the country behind the wheel of their top of the range vehicles while placing the rest of the motoring public in danger.

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