Janelle Monáe & M.I.A | Holographic Duet 2015

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To celebrate the launch of the 2015 Audi A3, Vita Motus teamed up with creative director Peter Martin to design a multidimensional tunnel-like structure to act as a 3D mapped backdrop for the world’s first simultaneous holographic duet between Janelle Monáe and M.I.A.

With the help of Obscura Digital, live acts from Janelle Monáe in Los Angeles and M.I.A.in NYC were holographically inserted into each other’s performances. We leveraged the dynamic backdrop to highlight the two worlds merging; Janelle Monáe existing in a black and white, high contrast environment, and M.I.A in a vividly colorful world. When the worlds collided, the audience saw the respective colors coming through the tunnel, signaling the arrival of the holographic performer.

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