Audi A3

Christie dazzles at new Audi A3 Sportback Launch

Audi wowed audiences in both Madrid and Barcelona with the Audi A3 Experience, the automobile brand’s stunning audiovisual spectacular, combining 360° projections, 3D mapping and Showmaster Control to publicise its new A3 Sportback. Produced by New Media Creative Technology Studio, the show used different Christie projectors and a Christie MicroTiles display supplied by Ingevideo.

The event was staged first in Plaza de Colón in Madrid, and repeated in Plaza de Cataluña in Barcelona.

The show was held in a special geodesic dome. A true landmark in modern engineering, this igloo-like structure was designed and created by the US company Pacific Domes using a sophisticated negative pressure system that makes the metal structure vanish to create a 800 square metre screen.

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