Audi A3 – Episode #2

In this episode of MotorMouthTV I review the Audi A3 and break down some of the reasons why you might want to make the price jump from a GTI.

Top 4 reasons to buy:
1. Fantastic fit & finish.
2. Quattro& DSG transmission option.
3. Great road presence.
4. Performance and reliability that cannot be ignored.

Top 4 reasons not to buy:
1. Consider VW GTI if you prefer front wheel drive.
2. Face change in 2012 that is expected to be major.
3. Cool options run at a cost.
4. Stiff back seat.

LED day time running lights:
Info on the 2010 A3 TDI: (50 mpg, only available on FWD)
General ratings by Yahoo! Autos: (2009 A3)

Other cars to consider: Pre-owned Audi A3 3.2 Quattro, VW GTI, Mini Cooper S, 2008 VW R32

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