Audi A3 2017 Launching| First Complete Review| Pakistan

Proudly presenting you the AUDI A3 1.2 TFSI 2017!
This is the latest update to the Audi Family & indeed the most beautiful version of the A3.
Cost of the vehicle is exact 4 Million pkr/-
Add-On features can be applied like Smokers Package, Panoramic Sun roof, Reverse Camera & many more.
The new color introduced in the A3 is Cosmic Blue (The review is based on the following color).
No doubt the car is top-class luxury & there is nothing to be disappointed upon.
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50 Replies to “Audi A3 2017 Launching| First Complete Review| Pakistan”

  1. what a worst review man, u havnt discussed its engine horse power top speed torque, what the dash material is, rear seats review sucks, no talking about ur head space in the rear, middle hump, u can only use the word " just put ur arm here" and "simply this that" please bro u reviewing audi not honda or corolla or suzuki,,,,

  2. slam bro in future read up on the cars specs etc price ,engine size, optional extras, the range of models from the cheapest to the top of the range model if you obtain the specs it will be easier to explain to the people watching your videos .
    one other thing give the cars you review a stars out of 5 or out of 10 .ps. on the back of the car near were it says TFSI its says……25 what does that mean please explain.

  3. Well Q2 is actually not launched in Pakistan Yet, but I came to know that soon it will be launched with price around 2.7-3.0 M + -, (according to market sources) you can confirm by Audi Authorities in Pakistan, well try to confirm that,when it will be launched with price & please also prepare to give a detailed review as you always….Good luck Bro..

  4. plz dont repeat "bohat acha hai bohat he acha hai " looks like you are tryna sell something like " laylo yaar bohat he acha laylo bus" two major draw backs for this particular A3 are, no push start feature and no bird view cam or rear view cam ,, theres a huge diff b/w parking sensor and rear view cam … iam not promoting honda or toyota here but honda (civic) is giving us many new features in 3.1 million price tag although the exterior build quality of honda is worst than ever but interior is some what compare-able to other entry level luxury sedans aur bhae aisa nahe hai k jis nay aik baar audi chala li wo phir dosri gari nahe chalata honda civic's major draw back is manual seats and bad build quality of body ….. other wise they are good to go ………….. just my opinion and sorry if i have said something wrong …. thanks

  5. its a good car beautiful in all aspects but still if u compare with audi a3 released in europe there r few things missing in this pakistan release compared to that car…….plz check that on youtube many intresting features r missing in this pakistan release

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