2016 Audi A3 | CarGurus Test Drive Review

With a well-sorted chassis, classy interior, and invigorating drivetrain, the A3 made the competition nervous in 2015, and just a year later, a newly standard reversing camera, parking sensors, and heated washers and mirrors only underline that argument. The A3 can be had as a 4-door, 5-seat sedan or a 2-door, 4-seat cabriolet with one of three engines and front- or all-wheel drive. And the interior materials and construction seem to betray its price, besting offerings that cost more than twice as much in other categories.

The A3 is based on the same familiar MQB platform as the Audi TT and Q2 and the Volkswagen Golf, Passat, Touran, and Tiguan. It’s tight, responsive, and quite versatile. With FWD and the standard suspension, it’s supple without being sloppy. With AWD and the sport suspension, it delivers agility without destroying kidneys and backs over every rut and ripple. The flickability of this platform can’t be overstated, especially when considering the price and purpose. Read more on CarGurus:

Presenter: Michael Perkins
Producer: Carl Nenzen Loven

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4 Replies to “2016 Audi A3 | CarGurus Test Drive Review”

  1. Nice review! I really like the styling of the A3. I fell in love with the clean, sleek and aggressive look of the A3; when this generation first came out. Also, that beginning was hilarious. Why does Audi have so many packages and trim level names? This is how they get you paying well over the MSRP at the dealership. All that to the side, you are a great reviewer and you are always honest with your viewers; that's what makes you really stand out from all of the other automotive reviewers out there. Keep up the impeccable work, Michael!

    " The Quest To Record The Best!"

  2. The automatic transmission on the 2015 A3 2.0 was enough to turn me off from buying the car especially at slower speeds. Did you experience any iffy gear shifts? As always great review and thanks for bringing a balanced vision.

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