2015 Audi A3/S3 | How to/OEM launch control

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NOTE: You MUST have Drive select to launch your car and it must be put to DYNAMIC mode. From what I have seen you cant launch a car without it. I may be wrong though.

Hey Guys,

So I know most of you know that our cars come with launch control from the factory. But for those of you that don’t know this is how you do it. I forgot to mention Drive select in the video. Stupid me.

Thanks for watching!


7 thoughts on “2015 Audi A3/S3 | How to/OEM launch control

  1. ralph delterzo

    Awesome vid bro I'm subbed! And where did you get that rear lip/wing on the trunk? Is it carbon fiber? And how much was it? Keep doing what ur doing btw I think ur gunna get big your editing is awesome!

  2. nopstnz

    I would also mention when trying launch control the car must be at operating temp. I think at least 175-180 coolant temp else the car won't launch correctly. Also I think the S3's rev to 4K PRM before letting off the brake for full launch control, but I could be wrong. Still haven't tried this in my S3 yet.

  3. spoiler9112 T

    When launching (especially tuned) cars with turbos, you should wait until the oil temp reaches at least 200 deg F before putting max strain on your engine. Not saying yours wasn't, just kind of a PSA.


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