2015 Audi A3 | Mod List Full bolt-ons

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Hey Guys!
Some of you have been asking for this video! Well here it is!! Even though its winter I have some parts coming in so subscribe to stay updated!!

A3/S3 cell phone mount:

Amber Delete (where to get it) Email:
fastboosti@gmail.com tell him kamil sent you!’

Amber delete install video:

Dogbone mount:

Exhaust Videos:
non res


JB1 Install:

Roof Rack install:

6 thoughts on “2015 Audi A3 | Mod List Full bolt-ons

  1. vh9network

    Did you install the aluminum pedals and footrest on your A3?
    That was the first mod install I got done when I took delivery of my A3 back in November of 2014.
    Picked up the pedals for cheap off ebay for like $29. They look legit, individually wrapped and had Made in Germany VW imprint on the inside. Took them to the dealership and asked them to install them because I did not want to F up my new car trying to install. Only cost me $70 for them to install it.

    I like the aluminum pedals, adds more sporty feel on the inside of the car.

    Other mods I did was the VIM mod for my MMI so I could playback videos in motion. Bought a device from Emannuel Designs that activated it. http://www.emmanueledesign.com/products/video-in-motion-for-audi-mmi-unlock-dvd-playback?variant=2480270209

    Then I got a OBDeleven device and did a few more software mods.
    – Disabled DRL blinking
    – Activated High Beam Assist

  2. Marc Stewart

    should easily be close to 250+. these cars are underrated AF. first day I drove mine I was like no way this is 220 crank. looked it up and they dyno 210/258tq wheel so 235/270tq ish crank?


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